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Love Busters: Overcoming Habits That Destroy Passion (A 12 Lesson Course)

Love Busters: Overcoming Habits That Destroy Passion (A 12 Lesson Course)

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Are you losing the "chemistry" you once had? Do you bring out the worst in each other? Are you growing apart?

If so, you may be the victims of Love Busters.

During courtship, a man and woman create the feeling of passion for each other by meeting each other's emotional needs. But after marriage, they tend to develop habits that destroy their love for each other. I call these destructive habits, Love Busters. As long as Love Busters are tolerated, passion doesn't have a chance.

In my 12 lesson course, His Needs, Her Needs: Habits for a Lifetime of Passion, I teach you how to create passion by meeting each other's emotional needs. But that's not the end of the story. Passion can be destroyed much easier than it's created, and you may need help digging yourselves out of Love Bank withdrawals.

In this second course of my two course series, I help you avoid losing that passion by teaching you, step by step, how to overcome Love Busters.

First I show you how to identify and avoid the six most common Love Busters:

  • Selfish Demands
  • Disrespectful Judgments
  • Angry Outbursts
  • Annoying Habits
  • Independent Behavior
  • Dishonesty

Then I teach you and your spouse how to overcome these habits once and for all. After they're gone, you will be able to restore your passion for each other when you meet each other's most important emotional needs.

But there's more! You'll also learn how to resolve common marital conflicts such as:

  • Friends and Relatives
  • Career Choices
  • Financial Planning
  • Children
  • Sex
  • Also included are lessons on how to restore love after drug or alcohol addiction and infidelity.

In this 12 lesson course, I help you get what you need from your spouse and give what your spouse needs from you. It begins by eliminating Love Busters.

Course Package: Six compact disks recorded by Dr. Harley, one copy of Love Busters (Hardcover), Lesson Assignments manual, and the workbook, 5 Steps to Romantic Love.

Also included: Infidelity: What every couple should know (video on DVD).

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