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Effective Marriage Counseling: The His Needs, Her Needs Guide to Helping Couples

Effective Marriage Counseling: The His Needs, Her Needs Guide to Helping Couples

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Finally, the marriage counseling resource you've been waiting for!

For more than thirty years, Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr., has been using a comprehensive marriage counseling program--through both his private counseling practice and his many books--that has helped millions of couples strengthen and save their marriages. Now his proven methods are available for the first time for students, counselors, pastors, and concerned laypeople in this remarkable new resource.

With Effective Marriage Counseling, Dr. Harley teaches you how to become the effective marriage coach that he's been for decades. Beginning with an introduction to his core concept, the Love Bank, and progressing through applications of that concept, this new resource offers a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques that have brought Dr. Harley counseling success--and prepares you to achieve the same kind of success in your own counseling practice.

Whether you're a seasoned counselor or just getting started, this incredible resource is your guide to greater success. Effective Marriage Counseling offers you an unprecedented look at the techniques that bestselling author Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr., has been using for decades. This behavioral approach to marital counseling is your key to helping couples build strong relationships.


Table of Contents

Part 1   Theory: The Harley Model for Marital Satisfaction

  1. A Simple and Effective Model
  2. The Basic Assumption: The Love Bank
  3. What Does a Good Marriage Counselor Do?
  4. What Is Marriage Coaching?
Part 2   Method: Building Love Bank Balances
  1. Love Bank Deposits for Men
  2. Love Bank Deposits for Women
  3. The Policy of Undivided Attention
  4. Control and Abuse
  5. Dishonesty and Annoying Behavior
  6. Independent Behavior and the Policy of Joint Agreement
Part 3   Application: A Case Study
  1. Intake and Assessment
  2. Treatment
  3. Practice and Discharge
        Appendix A: Love Bank Inventory
        Appendix B: Memorandum of Agreement
        Appendix C: Telephone Counseling


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