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Part 1: The Online Seminar

One of the biggest motivational problems that some spouses face as they go through the lessons of His Needs, Her Needs and Love Busters is that they don't have the big picture. They don't grasp how each part of the program fits all the other parts. If one spouse doesn't understand how each lesson of these courses helps create a great marriage, how can he or she be motivated to complete the assignments? Where there's poor vision, there's often poor motivation.

So I've provided a way for you to have my entire program of marital recovery explained by me! I do that in the Marriage Builders® Online Seminar where I take you through every one of my Basic Concepts. I try to give you my vision of why they're so important in marriage. And I also provide special encouragement to spouses who are reluctant to do much to improve their marriage. It enables both spouses to form the same vision and understanding of where their marriage should be headed, and gives them added motivation to accomplish it.

But the Marriage Builders® Online Seminar does more than just give you the facts. It also helps you organize the problems you face so that you can solve each of them in a systematic way. By the time the seminar is over, you will have completed numerous questionnaires that are designed to help define your marital goals.

At present, the Online Seminar is not accessible with an iPhone or iPad. That problem will be corrected soon.

Part 2: The Home Study Courses

The online seminar prepares you for the home study courses I've written to accompany His Needs, Her Needs, Love Busters, and Five Steps to Romantic Love. You identify the problems that must be addressed when you view the online seminar and you solve them when you complete the home study courses.

The two home study courses that I offer are His Needs Her Needs: Habits for a Lifetime of Passion and Love Busters: Overcoming Habits That Destroy Passion. The books, His Needs, Her Needs, Love Busters, and Five Steps to Romantic Love, come with Lesson Assignment booklets and audio CDs, where I personally guide you through each lesson and encourage you to complete it. These two courses are designed to help you understand the problems in your marriage, create plans to change habits that overcome those problems, and then practice those changes until your problems are solved.

The 24 lessons of these two courses cover every conceivable problem that can exist in marriage. And based on your identification of the problems you face when you view the online seminar, you are able to create your own sequence of lessons that focuses attention on your most pressing problems first. In other words, you can customize the order of the lessons to make the courses especially relevant to your marriage.

When a couple completes the assignments of these two courses, their love for each other is restored, and their marriage becomes mutually fulfilling. In fact, I guarantee that outcome when the assignments are completed.

A Word of Caution: Don't spring this on your spouse!

When my wife, Joyce, and I were first married, I bought a product from Honeywell that was intended for newlyweds, but I didn't tell her about it until it arrived in the mail. It was a surprise.

Well, Joyce was not at all pleased when I opened the box. She felt ambushed. We weren't having any problems, but I thought it certainly couldn't hurt. I was wrong.

If that's how Joyce reacted when we were having a terrific relationship, can you imagine how your spouse might react if you are having serious problems. Instead of being encouraged by your interest in your marriage, your spouse might think you are trying to control him or her, and totally reject the idea of taking the courses.

So before you order, be sure that you have your spouse's enthusiastic agreement. If you discuss it with each other, and decide to take these courses together, you will already be practicing one of my very important basic concepts, the Policy of Joint Agreement.

There's even MORE information regarding the home study courses!

If I haven't put you to sleep yet, you may be interested in reading Getting the Most from the Courses and How to Get Started. I wrote these to be read just before couples begin the courses. But you may also find them useful in helping you understand what you will be doing if you decide to enroll.

Even though the courses may be purchased separately, I highly recommend that you use both of them. That's because making each other happy and avoiding what you do to make each other unhappy go hand-in-hand. The solutions to the problems raised in His Needs, Her Needs, provide support for solutions to problems raised in Love Busters, and vice-versa.

It will take you about a year to complete the assignments of both courses. But when you are finished, you will agree with me that it was one of the most valuable educational experiences of your life.

How to Order the Marriage Builders® Online Seminar and Home Study Courses

You may order the Marriage Builders® Online Seminar and the two Home Study Courses separately. But to give you added incentive to order them together, which will help you the most, I am offering you an amazing discount.


His Needs, Her Needs (12 Lesson Course)  $229

Love Busters (12 Lesson Course) $229

Marriage Builders® Online Seminar $595

TOTAL = $1053


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