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Buyers, Renters & Freeloaders: Turning Revolving-Door Romance into Lasting Love

Buyers, Renters & Freeloaders: Turning Revolving-Door Romance into Lasting Love

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Ready for a marriage that goes the distance?

Then be sure to look into Dr. Harley's Romantic Relationship Attitudes Questionnaire inside and see if you and your spouse are Buyers, Renters, or Freeloaders! These three attitudes reveal what you can expect of each other in the future if things remain the same.

Are you or your spouse a Freeloader unwilling to put any effort into caring for the other? Is one of you a Renter who views the relationship as somewhat tentative and will provide care only as long as it's convenient? Or are you ready to be Buyers, willing to invest the time and energy it will take to make your marriage last?

Not sure?

Filled with personal examples and practical advice, Buyers, Renters & Freeloaders will help you assess relationship attitudes and transform a Freeloader or Renter into a fully-committed Buyer. You'll even learn how one or both of you can try out the Buyer attitude before you decide to become one.

Although Buyers, Renters & Freeloaders was intended to be a book to help dating couples create lifelong relationships together, you will be sure to find this a most valuable source of information for your marriage. You will discover what is behind the attitudes that can cause connectedness between you and your spouse to break down. You will also discover how to change them.

So settle in, and prepare to exchange your marriage lease for a marriage deed!

(2002, Hardcover - 208 pages)

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