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Love Busters: Protect Your Marriage by Replacing Love-Busting Patterns with Love-Building Habits

Love Busters: Protect Your Marriage by Replacing Love-Busting Patterns with Love-Building Habits

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Love Busters are habits that destroy romantic love. They develop soon after marriage and, before long, destroy intimacy, safety, trust ... and romantic love.

Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr., has shown couples how to create romantic love in his best seller, His Needs, Her Needs. But in Love Busters, he helps couples avoid losing romantic love by recognizing and overcoming thoughtless and selfish habits. These habits are common in every marriage and not only destroy romantic love, but also prevent couples from resolving their conflicts.

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In this book, Dr. Harley teaches couples to recognize and defeat five common but dangerous Love Busters:


Selfish Demands,
Disrespectful Judgments,
Angry Outbursts,
Annoying Habits,
and Independent Behavior.
When these are unchecked, consideration and thoughtfulness turn into self-centeredness and thoughtlessness. Romantic love is the victim and with it goes all hope for a fulfilling marriage.

Romantic love is not the only victim, however. Dr. Harley also demonstrates how Love Busters prevent couples from resolving common marital conflicts. He illustrates this with conflicts involving friends and relatives, career choices, financial planning, children and sex. When Love Busters are overcome, these conflicts are easily resolved.

Love Busters can be so destructive that many don't feel it would be possible to restore love to a marriage after the damage they do. Two chapters, Restoring Love to Your Marriage after Drug or Alcohol Addiction and Restoring Love to Your Marriage after Infidelity provide illustrations of how even the most destructive Love Busters do not necessarily destroy a marriage. Once Love Busters are eliminated, even these marriages can thrive.

There are break-outs throughout the book to help emphasize important points and Key Principles listed at the end of each chapter. There are also questions for you and your spouse to consider together after you read each chapter. These questions are designed to help you put into motion a plan to eliminate the Love Busters that exist in your marriage.


Table of Contents 

 Have You Lost Romantic Love? Would You Like It Back?

  1. Have You Lost Romantic Love? Would You Like It Back? 
Part One
The Five Love Busters 
  1. Love Buster #1: Angry Outbursts - Who Wants to Love With a Time Bomb?
  2. Love Buster #2: Disrespectful Judgments - Critics Aren't Very Attractive.
  3. Love Buster #3: Annoying Behavior - Don't Be Such a Jerk!
  4. Love Buster #4: Selfish Demands - Slavery Is Not What We Had in Mind.
  5. Love Buster #5: Dishonesty - There's No Such Thing as a White Lie. 
Part Two
Resolving Marital Conflicts 
  1. Resolving Conflicts Over Friends and Relatives
  2. Resolving Conflicts Over Career Choices
  3. Resolving Conflicts Over Financial Planning
  4. Resolving Conflicts Over Children
  5. Resolving Conflicts Over Sex 
Bonus Chapters 
  1. How to Build Romantic Love With Care
  2. How to Build Romantic Love With Time


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