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Your Love and Marriage

Your Love and Marriage

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Your Love and Marriage is a collection of some of the most important information found on the Marriage Builders® web site. If contains a summary of Dr. Harley's Basic Concepts, which are followed by the questions he is most frequently asked, and his answers to them. The questions are arranged by topic: How to survive infidelity, sexual adjustment, how to negotiate in marriage, living together before marriage, and how to keep love in your marriage. Under each topic, specific questions are discussed, such as:
      - What should I do with my unfaithful spouse?

      - Can one spouse save a marriage?

      - How can I stop the affair I'm having?

      - Would living together prepare me for marriage?

      - How should we divide domestic responsibilities?

These and scores of other questions are answered in a concise and practical way, showing how Dr. Harley's Basic Concepts can solve any marital conflict.

Read Your Love and Marriage to find the answers to your questions about marriage. Let Dr. Harley's approach to solving marital problems help you solve yours. (320 pages)


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